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Where is Greek Spoken?
Modern Greek (ELLHNAS) is spoken by approximately 10,000,000 people. It is the only official language in Greece (ELLADA) and its many islands, including Corfu (KERKYRA), Crete (KRHTH), and Rhodes (RODOS). Greek is also spoken by a large number of the inhabitants of Cyprus (KYPROS).

The Alphabet
There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. The Greek language does not use the same characters as English (although most of the English alphabet is dervived from the equivalent letters in Greek, which in turn was adapted from the Phoenician alphabet).

An accent mark is used over a letter to indicate which syllable is stressed in a word.

Consonants (and combinations)

B b


like v in vine

G g


before e or i - like y in yes
otherwise - like g in green

GC  gc

like nk in junk

GG  gg

like ng in england

GK  gk

beginning of a word - like g in go
otherwise - like ng in england

GX  gx

like nx in sphinx

D d


like th in think

Z z


like ds in pads

Q q


like th in think

K k


like c in cat

L l


like l in lime

M m


like m in man

MP  mp

beginning of a word - like b in bone
otherwise - like mb in timber

N n


like n in note

NT  nt

beginning of a word - like d in dome
otherwise - like nd in ending

X x


like x in box

P p


like p in pine

R r


like r in rust

S s V


before b, g, d, z, m, n, r - like z in zoo
otherwise - like s in set

T t


like t in type

TZ  tz

like j in jam

F f


like f in flag

C c


like ch in loch

Y y


like ps in perhaps

Vowels (and combinations)

A a


like a in father

AI  ai

like e in net

AU  au

either like af in after, or like av in avert

E e


like e in net

EI  ei

like ee in meet, but clipped short

EU  eu

either like ef in clef, or like ev in event

I i


like ee in meet, but clipped short

O o


like o in bottle

OI  oi

like ee in meet, but clipped short

OU  ou

like oo in shoot

U u


like oo in soon, but clipped short

UI  ui

like wi in wing

H h


like ai in wait

W w


like o in wrote

SmartPhrase language pronunciation guide. Helping you to speak better Greek and talk with an accent the Greeks can understand. Explaining the pronunciation of individual letters: consonants and vowels. Pronouncing phonemes and diphthongs. Phonology, phonetics, and dialects of speech. Language pronunciation guide for spoken sounds, speech, talking.

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